Measurements Group
Instruction Bulletins

  Measurements Group Instruction Bulletins

Instruction Bulletins

B-127-14, Strain Gauge Installations with M-Bond 200 Adhesive

B-128, Strain Gauge Applications with M-Bond GA-61 Adhesive

B-129-8, Surface Preparation for Strain Gauge Bonding

B-130-15, Strain Gauge Installations With M-Bond 43-B, 600 and 610 Adhesive Systems

B-131-5, Attachment Techniques for Weldable Strain Gauges & Temperature Sensors

B-133-2, Strain Gauges Installations with M-Bond 300 Adhesive

B-134-4, M-Coat F Application Instructions

B-137-16, Strain Gauge Applications with M-Bond AE-10, AE-15 and GA-2 Adhesive Systems

B-144-7, Operating & Maintaining the Mark V Soldering Station

B-146-3, M-Coat FBT Soft Seal Protective Coating

B-147-5, Application of M-Coat J Protective Coating

B-149-1, Instructions for the Use of Micro-Measurements M-Flux SS

B-152, Strain Gage Installations with M-Bond 450 Adhesive

B-153, Instructions for Using the WTS-1 and WTS-2 Thermal Wire Strippers

B-170, Barrier J II Installation Procedures

B-171, Strain Gage Installations with EPY-150 Adhesive

B-172, Strain Gage Installations with EPY-500 Adhesive

B-173, Strain Gage Installations with Denex #3 Adhesive

B-174, Strain Gage Installations with Epoxylite #813 Adhesive

B-175, Installation of Gage Coat #11

B-176, Installation of GageKote #5

B-177, Strain Gage Installations with GC Cement

B-178, M-Coat Type 5 Kit

B-179, Strain Gage Installations with PBX Cement

B-180, Strain Gage Installations with H-Ceramic Cement

B-181, Strain Gage Installations with P Adhesive

B-182, Strain Gage Installations with Sauereisen-DKS-8 Cement

B-183, Installation of Strain Gages with SR-4 Precoat/Adhesive

B-184, Strain Gage Installations with M-Bond A-12 Adhesive


B-187, CLTS Matching Network

B-188, Directions for Using RS-200 Caulk Grip Cement

B-189, Strain Gage Installations with RTC Epoxy Adhesive

IB-227, Instructions for Using PC-10 Adhesive

IB-228, Instructions for Using PC-1 Adhesive

IB-229,Instructions for Using PC-6 Adhesive

IB-231, Instructions for Using PC-8 Adhesive

IB-233-4, Instructions for Mixing Type PL-1 Liquid Plastic

IB-234-3, Instructions for Mixing Type PL-2 Liquid Plastic

IB-235-2, Instructions for Mixing Type PL-3 Liquid Plastic

IB-236-5, Instructions for Mixing Type PL-8 Liquid Plastic

IB-240, Instructions for Using PS-6 Precast Plastic Sheets, PL-6 Liquid Plastic, and PC-9 Adhesive

Measurements Group
Instruction Bulletins