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Ectron Model 441AL Precision Frequency-To-Voltage Converter

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The Models 441A and 441AL combine the latest electronic micro-controller technology with surface-mount construction to produce a true breakthrough in frequency-to-voltage products. Indeed, these instruments represent a worthy addition to the Ectron line of 400 Series products that have provided exceptional performance and reliability in rugged applications for more than 40 years. Designed into the Models 441A and 441AL are rapid response to any change in frequency, low output noise that is independent of input frequency, and input-signal conditioning that automatically provides correct operation for a great variety of input signals, both in wave shape and amplitude. Included is a selectable digital filter which eliminates output noise due to the effects of an input signal whose frequency varies in a periodic manner. Setting the digital filter to the number of input pulses per revolution of a rotating device eliminates the periodic variation and provides a much more precise frequency conversion.

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