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Vishay Model 2100 System Signal Conditioners

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The demands of today’s measurement applications are more exacting than ever before. An instrumentation system must provide durability and versatility, reliability with ease of operation, and economy with no sacrifice of accuracy. The 2100 System was engineered with all of these requirements in mind, and to provide a durable, multi-channel signal conditioner/amplifier system capable of performing equally well in a wide variety of test applications and environments. And the 2100 System has proven itself through applications ranging from measurements on the ocean floor to testing of the space shuttle. The 2100 System accepts low-level signals, and conditions and amplifies them into high-level outputs suitable for multiple-channel simultaneous dynamic recording. The 2100 System is compatible with strip charts, magnetic tape and X-Y recorders. Strain gage, load/pressure transducer and nickel temperature sensor inputs can be handled by the 2100 System without any rewiring. An important design objective achieved is miniaturization of the system while maintaining adequate spacing around the front-panel controls. All operational controls are located on the front panel for maximum setup efficiency. Frequently used controls are finger-operated, while initial setup adjustments are made through the front panel with a screwdriver. Continuously variable amplifier gain is achieved via a locking ten-turn concentric-dial counting knob, which permits resetting to a predetermined value for repeating routine tests. A combination of integrated circuits and discrete components assures maximum performance and ease of service at the lowest possible price.

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