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Tedea-Huntleigh Model 1430 Damped Load Cell

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The 1430 is uniquely designed to reduce weighing errors resulting from dynamic forces occurring on rotary liquid filling machines. The 1430 will provide high weighing accuracies when operated over a range of 0 to 15 rpm at a mounting location up to 1 meter radius.

The sealed stainless steel construction of the Model 1430 provides safe operation in applications subjected to caustic or heavy wash down environments. The rugged construction provides significant overload protection both in the weighing axis as well as against side loading. Side loads, such as occurring in bottle jams of up to 300 kg, have been applied to units with no significant zero change.

The 1430 features adjustable viscous jumping that significantly reduces the settling time allowing for faster machine cycles.


• Capacities: 3, 7.5, 10 kg
• Stainless steel construction
• Insensitive to rotary dynamic forces
• Single point performance
• Rotary speed to 15 rpm at 1m radius
• Sealed wash down configuration


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