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Tedea-Huntleigh 600 Series Tension-Compression Load Cells

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Tension & Compression Load Cells Tedea-Huntleigh Models 601 & 616 are available in aluminum alloy (601) or stainless steel (616).

Tension & Compression Load Cells Model 616 features stainless steel construction, IP67 environmental protection, 6 wire (sense) circuit and a unique humidity-resistant protective coating.

Tension & Compression Load Cells is ideal for harsh environmental, high accuracy applications. Ideally suited for level conversions, hopper/tanks and vibratory feeders, general process weighing and force measurement applications.

Tension & Compression Load Cells Model 601 features aluminum alloy construction, IP65 environmental protection and 4 wire circuit.

Tension & Compression Load Cells is ideal for lower cost, high accuracy applications.


• Capacities from 50 to 1,000 Kg
• Stainless steel (616) or aluminum (601)
• Ideal for conversion of mechanical to electronic scales
• Tension or compression applications
• Suitable for hanging scales
• Meets Handbook 44, OIML R60 and other international standards


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