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Vishay Model 700 Portable Strain Gauge Welding & Soldering Unit

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A battery-operated capacitive discharge spot welder for attaching and wiring weldable strain gauges and temperature sensors.

  • Separate visual and audible indicators monitor welder status. Weld energy is continuously adjustable from 3 to 50 joules, making the Model 700 an excellent choice for installing weldable strain gages and temperature sensors, as well as small thermocouples and light-gauge metal.
  • Supplied with a lightweight soldering pencil. A front-panel control adjusts soldering tip temperature for a wide range of soldering applications in the field or in the laboratory.
  • “Low-battery” light to warn the user when the internal, sealed lead-acid battery requires charging. A battery charger is included to provide for full battery charge with no danger of overcharging. Indicator lights monitor battery charge rate.
  • Convenient storage space for cables, battery charger and instruction manual.

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