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UCON cutting-edge vibration controller

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UCON is a cutting-edge vibration controller for electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers, utilizing the latest DSP technology, low noise hardware design, advanced vibration control algorithms and data transmission protocols.

UCON is also a multi-tasking system with closed-loop control handled by a DSP processor.
The control is independent of the PC, to ensure the efficiency of real-time control system, with timely and rapid response to system dynamic changes.
Thus it guarantees high performance, powerful features, and safety assurance. It also provides test engineers an easy-to-use application software packages.

Full Range of Control Application

-Random Control
-Mixed mode random Control(SoR. RoR, SRoR)
-Kurtosis Control
-Sine Control (fix,step,swept)
-Resonance Search,Track & Dwell (RSTO)
-Classic Shock Control
-Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
-Transient Time History Control(FDR-TTH)
-Road Simulation Control (FDR-LTH)

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