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Model RLC Self Aligning Accessories

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The RLC self aligning silo mount, combined with the RLC load cell family, provides weighing assemblies suitable for process control, batch weighing, silo/hoppers and belt scale applications.

The RLC self aligning foot assembly is an ideal solution for medium capacity platform scales and belt scale applications.

The RLC mount and foot are based on a rocker pin design, combining excellent load introduction to the transducer with an overall low profile. Hardened stainless steel components are used at all bearing surfaces. The fully stainless steel construction guarantees long term reliability, even in the most harsh of environments.


• Hardened components at all load bearing surfaces
• Rocker pin load introduction
• Stainless steel construction
• Built-in horizontal movement control and lift-off protection
• Load cell (re)placement after installation of the mount
• Capacities: 0.25 to 10t


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