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Ectron Model 563H Transducer Conditioning Amplifier

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The Ectron Model 563H Transducer Conditioner amplifier is ideal for use with almost all transducers, especially strain gages, thermocouples, and other bridge sources. This versatile product was designed to accurately process low-level signals in electrically noisy environments by providing excellent common-mode, normal-mode, and EMI noise rejection.
An example use of the Model 563H is in railroad track inspection where a specially equipped car is driven over tracks even at high speed. Strain gages on the wheels produce force signals that are coupled through slip rings, then amplified by 563Hs. Special algorithms developed by our customer identify track anomalies that can then be repaired before a derailment occurs. Data derived from the Model 563H signals determine numerous conditions such as crushed rail heads, mismatched joints, and poor track supports. Excellent data is produced by the Ectron conditioner-amplifiers despite the presence of RF, shock, vibration, and acoustic noise.

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