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Ectron Model 560H DC Differential Amplifier

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The Model 560H is a versatile, differential dc amplifier with excellent accuracy (0.1%), stability (1 μV/°C), frequency response (dc to 200 kHz), and reliability. Its characteristics enable it to be used as a general-purpose amplifier, but its performance allows it to be popular as a dedicated, high-accuracy data-collection amplifier. One application of this product is unique. This Ectron amplifier was chosen as the data-collection amplifier that rides at the hub of many of the world’s largest centrifuges. The Ectron amplifier was selected because of its accuracy, dc stability, and overall precision even under vibration conditions. It receives data from accelerometers, strain gages, and other sensors used with these huge machines. Up to 90 Model 560H amplifiers are used on each centrifuge. Of particular importance is the ability of the Ectron Model 560H amplifier to reject EMI signals that emanate from the huge drive motors as well as some of the on-board electronics. To complete the 500 Series amplifier products, we also offer the Model 563H. This model adds an excitation supply and bridge-completion components to the same amplifier, allowing the Model 563H to provide full support for bridge-type sensors such as strain gages, load cells, and similar transducers.

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