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Calex Model 430

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The Model 430 is a current output signal conditioner, complete with a true differential input instrumentation amplifier, and a highly stable bridge excitation supply. It is powered from the AC line. The input amplifier incorporates a two pole roll off, 3 Hertz filter to reduce the influence of mechanical noise and power line interference on the input. The unit is encapsulated in an epoxy filled plastic container with through bolt mounting holes and screw terminal barrier strips for easy attachment of all wires.

Features ! Complete Sensor Signal Conditioner with Current Output ! 115 Volts AC is all that is required ! Adjustable Voltage Excitation Supply ! Adjustable Gain Amplifier for Sensor Full Scale Outputs from 10 to 50 mV ! Zero Current Adjustable from 0 to +12 mA ! 4-20, 0-20, or 12 ±8 mA Operation ! Rugged Epoxy Encapsulated Self Contained Unit with Screw Terminal Connections.

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