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Tedea-Huntleigh Model 1240 Low Profile Off-Center Load Cells

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High Accuracy Load Cell Tedea-Huntleigh Model 1240 is a low profile off-center load cell.

High Accuracy Load Cell Tedea-Huntleigh Model 1240 is one of the most compact designs available for these capacities which makes it especially well suited to scales which weigh people as well as high capacity industrial applications where space is limited.

This High Accuracy Load Cell Tedea-Huntleigh Model 1240 is Factory Mutual Approved. When operated at constant temperature, all load cells offer 0.02% combined error performance regardless of accuracy class. Three beam construction makes the load cell highly immune to side forces and mounting imperfections. Stainless steel construction and a unique humidity resistant protective coating assures long-term stability even under harsh environment and extreme temperatures. Optional Sylgard encapsulation is available for applications requiring washdown protection.


• 200 and 250 Kg capacities
• Stainless steel construction
• Combined error only 0.02%
• Unique humidity-resistant protective coating
• 6 wire (sense) circuit
• Low profile - 1.6" (40 mm) in height
• 4 mounting holes for added stability
• Maximum safe moment to 30 X rated capacity (kg-cm)


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