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Tedea-Huntleigh Model 1010 Off-Center Load Cells

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Off-Center Load Cell Tedea-Huntleigh Model 1010 is a high performance, three beam, single point load cell. Insensitive to off-center loads or moments, it is ideal for bench platforms such as postal or price computing scales.

This high accuracy Off-Center Load Cell is Factory Mutual, NTEP and OIML Class C3 approved. When operated at constant temperature, all load cells offer 0.02% combined error performance regardless of accuracy class.

A built-in overload stop guarantees mechanical protection against static overloading. A unique humidity-resistant protective coating assures long-term stability even under harsh environments and extreme temperatures.
Optional Sylgard encapsulation is available for applications requiring washdown protection.

Off-Center Load Cell Features:

• Capacities from 3 to 90 Kg
• Combined error only 0.02%
• Unique humidity-resistant protective coating
• 6 wire (sense) circuit
• 5000 division NTEP approved
• Built-in overload stop
• Low sensitivity to side loading
• Maximum safe moment to 30 X rated capacity (kg-cm)


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