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Tedea-Huntleigh Cellsmate Load Cells Mounting Assembly

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Load Cell Mounting Assembly Tedea-Huntleigh Cellmate is a superior load cell mounting assembly that dramatically simplifies load cell installation. A perfect solution to vessel weighing in dairies, chemical, bottling and food processing plants, stainless steel Cellmate mounts can be used on tanks, silos and many other weighing vessels.

Load Cell Mounting Assembly Tedea-Huntleigh Cellmate family of mountings also provides an unparalleled degree of protection for load cells and maintains a permanent load cell safety system, reducing load cell damage and plant down-time.


• Simplifies load cell installation on tanks, silos and other weighing vessels.
• Accepts load cells ranging in capacity from 11 lbs. to 11,000 lbs. (5 to 5,000 Kg)
• Permanent protection against load cell damage
• Built in jacking points permit installation with or without load cells in place
• Grounding strap provides low resistance path to minimize electrical potentials
• Cable gland protector prevents cable damage
• Provision for thermal expansion, contraction and lift-off due to winds or collision


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