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Morehouse Proving Rings

The Calibration Standard Against Which All Others Are Measured

The Morehouse Proving Rings are recognized wherever highly accurate force measurement calibrations are performed as the premier standard. This reputation has been earned by years of uncompromising conformance to the principles originally established and maintained by the United States National Institute of Standards & Technology. Morehouse is dedicated to the design, manufacture and application of proving rings which can be used with confidence in standards laboratories and throughout industry. The reliability, repeatability and
accuracy of Morehouse Proving Rings are unequaled and unchallenged by any other force measurement device. Only direct loads of qualified deadweights are more precise.

The Ultimate Instrument

After assembly, the Proving Rings are calibrated against known standards to ASTM specification E-74, either at the United States National Institute of Standards & Technology or in our laboratory using standards directly traceable to the Institute. The characteristics of the Proving Rings depend on the requirements of the intended application. For this reason, Morehouse produces a series of Proving Rings offering a range of performance specifications varying primarily in degrees of accuracy. This permits you to select the Proving Rings your calibrations require without paying for unnecessary reserve accuracy.


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