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Ectron Model 1140A Thermocouple Simulator/Calibrator

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The Model 1140A incorporates unique features not found in any thermocouple simulator currently on the market. The combination of highest accuracy for thermocouple and dc signals, back-lit graphic LCD display, and many unique functions make the Ectron Model 1140A a very versatile instrument. This, along with Ectron’s reputation for quality and performance in thermocouple simulators, will enable the Model 1140A to achieve wide user acceptance. The signal output (or input) is available through binding posts or a mini-thermocouple connector. Cold-junction compensation is controlled with precision temperature sensors within the terminals. This virtually eliminates errors seen in other thermocouple simulators when using heavy thermocouple wire or temperature variations caused by ambient conditions. Separate offsets for each thermocouple type may be specified from the front panel. These offsets allow customers to compensate for variations in the thermocouple or extension wire being used. While these offsets are often greater than the allowable measurement uncertainty, the Ectron Model 1140A enables users to compensate for these errors in a known and predictable way that will further enhance the instrument’s outstanding accuracy.


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