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Calex Model 437

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The Model 437 is a self contained, DC powered signal conditioner for bridge type instrumentation. It contains a precision differential amplifier with filtered output and a highly regulated, low noise, adjustable output bridge excitation source. What sets the 437 apart is a Bridge Balance pot and high gain capability to accurately condition load cell weighing systems with large tare offsets and small live load signals. The unit is completely encapsulated for use in rugged environments. ! Process Control Add-on Loops

Features ! Complete Strain Gage Bridge Signal Conditioner ! 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA Output ! Output Capable of Driving 1000 ohm Loop ! Bridge Balance with 68% Tare Offset Capability ! High Gain Amplifier; Can Accept Live Load Signals as Low as 3 mV and Provide 16 mA Output Span ! Sufficient Excitation Current for Five Load Cells ! Powered by 10 to 36 VDC Unregulated ! Rugged Epoxy Encapsulated Design.

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