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Rectangular Rosettes

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·The gauge is stacked using AS gauges

·Gauge matrix size, grid length and width, thicknesses, overlay and materials remain the same.

·Resistance and tolerances remain the same.

·Enameled wires are replaced by a thin, double sided, flex circuit (FPC).

Main properties of the FPC:

-Same ohms/foot resistance as in the original enameled wires.

-Designed for minimum width and thickness while still maintaining resistance/foot, for maximum FPC flexibility.

-Integrated stress relief loops and free FPC length for adding an additional strain relief loop in case needed.

-Conversion to 3 wire at the FPC’s end, same as in current enameled wire version

-Standard C4A DFV, 9 foot, 3wire x3, cable is soldered to the flex using our automated C4A wire soldering line.

·Standard C4A packaging, 5pcs/box.

·2 wires configuration and various cable length options will also become available

The change from thin wires to a flex circuit concept enables simple handling and robust product, while allowing for greater flexibility during installation.

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