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TechNotes,TechTips &Application Notes

TN-501-2, Noise Control In Strain Gauge Measurements

TN-502, Optimizing Strain Gauge Excitation Levels

TN-503-6, Measurement of Residual Stresses by the Hole-Drilling Strain Gauge Method

TN-504-1, Strain Gauge Thermal Output and Gauge Factor Variation With Temperature

TN-505-4, Strain Gauge Selection - Criteria, Procedures, Recommendations

TN-506-3, Bondable Resistance Temperature Sensors & Associated Circuitry

TN-507-1, Errors Due To Wheatstone Bridge Nonlinearity

TN-508-1, Fatigue Characteristics of Vishay Micro-Measurements Strain Gauges

TN-509, Errors Due To Transverse Sensitivity In Strain Gauges

TN-510-1, Design Considerations For Diaphragm Pressure Transducers

TN-511, Errors Due To Misalignment of Strain Gauges

TN-512-1, Plane-Shear Measurement With Strain Gauges

TN-513-1, Measurement of Thermal Expansion Coefficient Using Strain Gauges

TN-514, Shunt Calibration of Strain Gauge Instrumentation

TN-515, Strain Gauge Rosettes - Selection, Application & Data Reduction

TN-516, Errors Due To Shared Leadwires In Parallel Strain Gauge Circuits

TN-517, Introduction To Digital Signal Processing

TT-601, Techniques For Bonding Leadwires To Surfaces Experiencing High Centrifugal Forces

TT-602, Silver Soldering Technique For Attachment Of Leads To Strain Gauges

TT-603, The Proper Use Of Bondable Terminals In Strain Gauge Applications

TT-604, Leadwire Attachment Techniques For Obtaining Maximum Fatigue Life Of Strain Gauges

TT-605, High-Elongation Strain Measurements

TT-606, Soldering Techniques For Lead Attachment to Strain Gauges With Soldering Dots

TT-607, Strain Gauge Installation And Protection In Field Environments

TT-608, Techniques For Attaching Leadwires To Unbonded Strain Gauges

TT-609, Strain Gauge Soldering Techniques

TT-610, Strain Gauge Clamping Techniques

TT-611, Strain Gauge Installations For Concrete Structures

TT-612, The Three-Wire Quarter-Bridge Circuit




VMM-5 External Bridge Completion

VMM-7 In Search of the Perfect Zero

VMM-8 Installation Verification

VMM-9 Installing Gages with Option P

VMM-10 Installing Gages with Option P2

VMM-11 Leadwire Selection

VMM-12 Mechanical Connectors in Strain Gage Circuits

VMM-13 Pressure Pads for Bonding Gages to Contoured Surfaces

VMM-14 Remote Sense

VMM-15 Quality Control of Strain Gage Installations

VMM-16 Remote Shunt Calibration

VMM-17 RTV Silicone Rubber Coatings

VMM-19 Surface Preparation of Composites

VMM-21 Three Leadwire Attachment

Measurements Group
TechNotes,TechTips &
Application Notes